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1ClickMove property agency provides personal services for our clients. We have a team that cares about your broken boiler; managers that give you complete honesty.

For Landlords

As a landlord, hassle-free income is the goal. 1clickmove conducts in-depth proper finance checks on all prospective tenants. Our staff are trained in numerous legal areas of lettings, including safety standards, tenancy agreements and clauses, and possession.

You are constantly at danger as a landlord if your tenant doesn't pay the rent. Even with the most thorough background checks and references, you can never predict a tenant going through a rough patch, losing their job, or being ill, and then being unable to pay the rent. Thankfully, we are accredited by Safe Agent and The Property Ombudsman. which means our procedures are stringent, our finances carefully managed, and legal insurance comes as part of the package. There is good financial news, too: our sliding scale means that the longer we manage your property, the less we charge.

Hassle-free income is easy with 1 Click Move. We can simply value and fill your property, or we can manage everything on your behalf.

For Tenants

Finding your perfect rental property is a big job, but our expert team makes it a lot easier. Our team will assist in finding your perfect home.

Once the terms have been agreed to secure the property (your new home). You must pay the Holding Deposit by bank transfer and sign our Holding Deposit (Within 48hrs of payment of your application fee). This holding fee demonstrates your commitment to the property, and we will then remove it from the market.

Client satisfaction is top on the priority list for our tenants.

1ClickMove is totally devoted to giving great service to every client, whether you're with us for 6 months or more.

Our passion for customer service borders on the obsessive. Call and find out what makes us different. Easy renting with 1ClickMove.

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