About us

When we started 1 Click Move we were determined to build a reputation that would make us your first choice for lets. We asked ourselves – what would set us apart from the competition?

Drawing on past experience of letting agencies, distant landlords and crummy flats, the answer became obvious. We'd set ourselves apart by putting the client first.

Whether you're a tenant or a landlord, you'll enjoy our utmost attention. By delivering the highest levels of service, integrity and performance, our team is aiming for a 100% recommendation record. Whether you're letting or renting, you can expect certain standards of service. Isn't that a refreshing change?

Putting people first…

Many companies claim to "put people first", but how many really do? For 1 Click Move, putting people first is the core principle in everything we do. Staff members deserve training, motivation and incentive; they need a reason to get up on a Monday. Clients deserve personal attention, immediate service, and a truthful description of the flat they're thinking of renting.

Giving people what they want is at the very heart of our business. So we've built our mission around three values:


Our staff members are all passionate about the property business, but they're even more passionate about delivering superior customer service. It's a difference you'll notice from the moment you pick up the phone and speak to one of us.

INTEGRITY: If the flat's sprung a leak, or there's a new bypass being built nearby, you'd want to know. But your agent probably wouldn't want to tell you. Integrity is rare in the letting industry. So our team of honest staff, who'll talk to you in plain English, give you all the facts, and deliver on their promises, are a refreshing surprise.

PERFORMANCE: Our team is chasing a 100% recommendation record. At the moment it stands at around 83.5%, with almost every client using us again or recommending us to friends and family. Okay, the 100% would be nice to put on the mantelpiece. But it benefits you, too, because we are dedicated to the pursuit of truly brilliant service.

Try us and find out why…

We talk the talk, and walk the walk? Give us a call – talk to one of our bright and enthusiastic team members – and find out how easy letting and renting could be with 1 Click Move.

Contact us: 0161 273 1919 / 0161 272 7774

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